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we are Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter of metal hardware in china.our factory is in chinese guangzhou,Our Major products as below:


Custom made metal charm and metal pendant:

metal charm

metal pendant

charm tag

pendant charm

alloy charm

alloy pendant

key pendant

fashion pendant

China factory purse hardware

purse buckle

purse clip

purse frame

purse eyelet

purse hanger

purse hook

purse snap

purse accessory

purse ring

wallet buckle

wallet clip

wallet eyelet

Diary corner

wallet hook

wallet snap

purse corner

belt buckle manufacturer and Exporters

belt buckle

fashion buckle

western buckle

belt accessory

pin buckle

army buckle

roller buckle

magnetic buckle

man's buckle

lady's buckle

auto buckle

western buckle

shoe buckle Suppliers and Manufacturer

shoe ornament

shoe closure

shoe accessory

rhinestone buckle

shoe buckle

shoe hardware

shoe fitting

shoe clasp

Zipper Puller manufacturer, supplier in china

zipper puller

zipper slider

zipper head

metal puller

zipper pull

nylon zipper

metal zipper

Custom Metal Bag Label Supplier and Manufacturer

handbag label

bag logo

bag label

metal label

metal logo

bag tag

shoe tag

shoe label

metal logo

metal tag

bag plate



Box hardware supplier in china

box hardware

box Corner

box Toggle

wine box handle

box hinge

box handle

box lock

box accessory

box fitting

metal hook from china

steel hook

steel buckle

steel ring

steel rings

steel loop

wire hook

leather belt factory,belt manufacturer

leather belt

genuine leather belt

man's belt

fashion belt

real leather belt

metal belt

championship belt

Canvas belt

Bag hardware Suppliers and Manufacturer

bag hardware

handbag hardware

bag fitting

handbag fitting

bag accessory

handbag accessory

metal buckle

handbag buckle

bag buckle

bag hook

bag clasp

handbag clasp

bag ring

bag part

bag ornament

bag handle

bag feet

bag corner

bag edge

magnetic snap

magnet snap

Metal Ring Supplier and Manufacturer

bag ring

spring ring

d ring

o ring

d buckle

square buckle


square ring

metal ring

alloy ring






ring with rhinestone

furniture hardware

furniture accessory

furniture hardware

Furniture Handle

Furniture fitting

Furniture hinge

furniture lock

diary edge

Binder corner

snap hook

dog hook

handbag hook

alloy hook

snap hook

key hook


key holder

alloy clasp

snap clasp

key clasp

metal clasp

spring clasp

swivel clasp

spring hook

swivel hook

luggage hook

luggage clasp

metal hook

purse edge

bag lock

shoe closure

handbag lock

bag lock

turn lock

press lock

case lock

luggage lock

combination lock

bag closure


alloy lock

metal lock

rhinestone lock

diamond lock

suitcase lock

twist lock

metal crafts



metal badge

metal medal

metal coin

gold coin

car logo

key buckle


dog tag

key tag

key button

bottle opener

wine opener

car logo

metal opener

Metal chain,fashion chain

metal chain

fashion chain

jewelry chain

ball chain

iron chain

key chain

dog chain

gold chain

necklace chain

stainless steel chain

brass chain